Angela Crownberry
Angela Crownberry (Volume 2)


Cardinal Magistrate




Human (presumably)

Volume Appearence:

Vol. 2

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 10

Protective Element:


Specialty Magic:

Seal Magic, and Unseal Magic



Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Angela Crownberry is a supporting caracter in Aventura and is also the Cardinal Magistrate. She is also the creator of the guards - Day Guard and Night Guard - and the General Command. She has some form of relationship with Professor Rollo Pauiell, as shown when he calls her "my Angie". She is very poweful and skilled in her magic.


Angela is a shorter character, being about 30 cm (about a foot) shorter than Professor Arshes. She is also one of the older characters in Aventura, and so far the only female character with short hair. Her hands and fingers are longer and thinner than most, and she has long nails. Her eyes are also the color of kunzite crystals - a bright, nearly bubblegum, pink-magenta. Angela typically wears an ankle-length dress with long sleeves that splay out at the end. Around her stomach and waist is an ornate corset-like piece, and on her head she wears a hat that looks rather like an ornate nun's habbit. Anglea also probably wears the most jewelry of the Aventura characters: a golden, jeweled, beaded necklace with a stylized cross at the end, two large bracelets on her upper arms, at least one ring on each finger, large earrings, and two bangles on her right hand.