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Chesford Arshes
Chesford Arshes (Volume 3)


Scarlet Sorcerer


Lee Arshes (older brother)



Volume Appearence:

Vol. 1

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 2

Protective Element:


Subjects Taught:

Barrier Magic and Seal Magic


October 20th

Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Chesford Arshes or more commonly known as "Professor Arshes" or merely "Arshes" is one of the main characters in Aventura. Professor Arshes specializes in Barrier Magic, and teaches some form of magic to the Magic Class section of Gaius School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Arshes' official title is "the Scarlet Sorcerer". He is also good friends with Professor Qualfer, his happy-go-lucky attitude making an almost comical contrast to Riventzel's calm and stoic one.


A color image of Arshes at the beginning of the first volume.

Professor Arshes is, so far, probably the tallest character in Aventura, just barely taller than Professor Qualfer. Shin Midorikawa also stated that Arshes has sunstone colored eyes, which would make tham an orangey-yellow-red color, almost a pinkish coral color. In the color pages of the manga, however, Arshes is depicted with golden eyes, about the same shade as his golden-blonde hair. His hair, while not quite waist length, is pretty long. It's also straight, while not quite as stright as Soela's. Arshes also has very long bangs, parted in the middle, and keeps some of his hair tied back. Again, like Soela's hair, he has one stray hair falling right between his eyes and a few gravity-defying cowlicks. Also, being a professor, Arshes is not restricted to a uniform. He typically wears black pants, white boots, a long white, red, and black shirt, and a belt. On top of all this fabric he wears a red and white cloak. All of this tends to restrain his movement, which he complains of while fighting the Gatekeeper of Chris' mind, resulting in him cutting off part of it. Accessory wise, Arshes has a golden earring on his left ear and a monocle over left eye.

An image of Arshes in the third volume, next to the extras.

In the extra comics at the back of the third volume, Arshes is shown wearing plain white shoes, a collared dress shirt, and jeans or some other type of lighter colored pants. He also has his hair pulled back into a high ponytail and tied off with a bow. He also wears a black apron. In another extra comic (in the back of volume 2) a student gives him a frilly apron as a joke. According to Midorikawa, he never actually wore it, though. Also, in the decorative picture for chapter 11, Arshes is shown wearing a coat with fur trim, a turtleneck sweater, gloves, a hat, and fuzzy earmuffs.