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Chris Cottonburg
Chris Cottonburg (Volume 2)




Thies Cottonburg (twin brother)(deceased), Gail Cottonburg (father), and Easis Cottonburg (mother)


High Elf

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Vol. 1

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Chapter 1

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April 5th

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Chris Cottonburg (Kurisu Kottonbāgu or クリス・コットンバーグ,) is one of the main characters in Aventura. He is one of Lewin's two best friends and is a member of the Magic Class at Gaius School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is also a first year student. Chris has very strong magical power and is a High Elf. He had a (now deceased) identical twin brother named Thies. He was friends with Soela before they became friends with Lewin.


A color image of Chris at the back of Aventura volume 1.

Chris has the look of a bookish, intellectual student, except that he's missing the glasses. His elvish features, however, give him an aristocratic sort of look, with his pale skin, white-blond hair, and long pointed ears. Chris' eyes are also a brilliant peridot green color. While his hair is not in nearly as much a disarray as his friend Lewin's is, it still sticks up slightly at the top, while the rest is pulled back into a thin ponytail. Like the rest of the students at Gaius, he is required to wear a uniform, but, like Lewin, he seperates himself out with a pair of golden earrings and a charm the same color as his eyes that rests on his forehead. The charm, however, is not just for decoration, and helps strengthen the life-force of High Elves, as their pureblood strain has lead to physical weakness. The charm is made of the sap of the Golbal Tree. Without it, Chris would (will) die.