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Elgref Seamary
Elgref Seamary (Volume 3)


Turquoise Yosha (sp?) Demon


Werewolf Aristocrats (unidentified)



Volume Appearence:

Vol. 3

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 13

Protective Element:


Subjects Taught:

All Swordsmanship, and Hypnotic Magic (currently not offered)



Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Elgref Seamary is a Swordsmanship Professor at Gaius. He comes from an aristocratic family of pure werewolf origin, but it able to change at will and so often keeps to his completely human form, so as not to frighten his students. He's good at mind manipulation magic, and can enter people's dreams. He appears to be friends with Yuehua.


Professor Seamary in human form (volume 3).

Professor Seamary seems to be about as tall as Professor Arshes, if not slightly taller (making him one of the tallest characters in Aventura). His eyes are a light periwinkle purple-blue, the color of celestite crystals. His hair color is so far unknown, but it's wavy and very long - about to his stomach. He parts his hair on the right, resulting in some shorter, starighter bangs hanging down just above his left eye. He has a long, thin scar on his left cheek, stopping just below the right corner of his left eye. In his werewolf form the only few changes are that his face and nose become more elongated and muzzle-like, his finger nails become longer and sharper, and his ears become those of a wolf (according to Yuehua, they are "fluffy"). Professor Seamary normally wears a long scarf/shawl that he uses to cover his mouth and head. When not covering his head, it lays draped around his neck and shoulders. He also wears light colored pants which are looser and less fitted than Professor Qualfer's and Professor Arshes'. Lastly, he wears black pirate-style boots and white gloves.