Gail and Easis Cottonburg
Gail and Easis
Gail and Easis (back of volume 3)

Title (Gail):

43rd Protectorate High Priest

Title (Easis):

3rd Assistnat Priestess


Chris Cottonburg (son) and Thies Cottonburg (son) (deceased)


High Elf

Volume Appearence:

Vol. 3

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 16

Gail and Easis Cottonburg are the parents of Chris Cottonburg. Gail, Chris' father, is the 43rd Protectorate High Priest of the Zephyrus Temple, and Easis, Chris' mother, is the 3rd Assistant Priestess. Due to an undisclosed [as of yet] incident, Gail's mother died when he was young and his father's distraught state caused a decline in his power. This unfortunate series of events caused Gail to become essentially deaf to the spiritual world. He was unable to heal from this trauma and regain the connection until he met Easis, a Hidden Priestess of the Moon Forest at the time, who whould become his first love and later his wife. Due to their difference in social standing (Gail being higher than Easis) some opposed their marriage. Gail was stubborn, however. Not soon after Easis became pregnant with Chris and his identical twin Thies.