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Lewin Randit
Lewin Randit (Volume 1)







Volume Appearence:

Vol. 1

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 1

Protective Element:



Swordsmanship, but expelled and placed in Magic


July 28th

Eye Color:


Hair Color:

Red (Brown on book cover)

Lewin Randit (Rūnin Randitto or ルーウィン・ランディット) is the protagonist of Aventura. He is a first year student at Gaius School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and a member of the Swordsmanship class. Lewin is known throughout the school for having no magical power whatsoever. This is the main cause for the teasing and taunting he often recieves, as he is the only [mentioned] student that is without any magical power. He has two friends, both in the Magic Class, named Chris Cottonburg and Soela Evenport.


A color image of Lewin at the beginning of Aventura volume 2.

A relatively short kid, barely up to Professor Qualfer Riventzel's shoulder, Lewin's appearance is the definition of "boyish". He has garnet - brown-red - colored eyes, and, according to the manga, red hair (although it is depicted as more of a brown color on the cover of the first volume and in the color pages). The large amount of scrapes and cuts Lewin seems to accumulate also helps project this boyish image. As for clothing, like all other students, he is required to wear a school uniform (although there is a slight variation in uniform style from the Magic Class to the Swordsmanship Class, as the Swordsmanship class is in need of clothing that is easier to move in). However, Lewin has added his own slight touch to his uniform through an acessory - an olive green scarf/bandana that he typically wears tied around his head.