Rollo Pauiell
Rollo Pauiell (Volume 3)


Olive Elder (formerly Scarlet Sorcerer)





Volume Appearence:

Vol. 1

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 9

Protective Element:


Subjects Taught:

General Defensive Magic, and Summoning Magic



Eye Color:

Blue Topaz

Hair Color:


Rollo Pauiell is a Professor at Gaius School for Witchcraft and Wizardry and the former "Scarlet Sorcerer" (two generations ago). His current title is "the Olive Elder". He is very powerful, having created "the Twelve Sacred Tools" which include Professor Qualfer's whip. Rollo is also a sort of mentor to Arshes, and a good friend of Angela Crownberry. He is generally happy and easygoing.



Rollo in the character files at the back of volume 2.

Rollo is by far the shortest character in Aventura. He also is older, probably about the same age as Angela. He has a very large nose, too, and oddly elongated ears, slightly elvish looking, that stick up through holes in his hat. He is also the only character with facial hair - a mustache and long beard. The rest of his hair is kept in a thick braid, which looks to be as tall, if not taller, than he is. His eyes are the color of blue topaz - an aqua/sky blue shade. Rollo wears simpler dark robes and cuffed pants, along with long shoes that are curled at the toe. He also wears a wide brimmed witch's hat whose tip flops over and curls at the end. It also has a fancy band around the base imbeded with a jewel. Lastly, he wears a monocle like Professor Arshes, which probably has the same sort of magical properties.