Soela Evenport
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Soela Evenport (Volume 1)




Older Siblings (unidentified), and Parents (unidentified)



Volume Appearence:

Vol. 1

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 1

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March 20th

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Soela Evenport (Soera Evuenpōt or ソェンポート,) is one of the main character in Aventura. Soela is also [arguably] the main female character in the series. She is one of Lewin's two best friends (the other being her friend Chris) and is a member of the Magic Class. She is known for being rather shy, but tends to gain confidance around Chris and Lewin. Many (if not all) of Soela's family members are Beast Tamers, and Soela has a pet beast egg named Wotis.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

A color image of Soela on the back cover of volume 1.

Soela is about the same height as Lewin and Chris, and, like Chris, has bright white hair. Her hair, however, is considerably neater than both Chris' and Lewin's. It's also straighter, and is typically kept back in a low ponytail with long bangs framing her face, and just two flyaway strands of hair - one hanging down between her eyes and the other sticking up in a cowlick. Soela's eyes are a light blue/aquamarine color. She also wears the female version of the school uniform (which compared to the boys' pretty much just has a skirt and more of the color white), and is devoid of accessories barring a few (approximately 3) simple rings on her hands and some sort of blue-gray markings or tattoos on her forehead.

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