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Yuehua Long
Yuehua Long (Volume 3)


Canary Dancer


Older Brothers (unidentified)


Human (persumably)

Volume Appearence:

Vol. 3

Chapter Appearence:

Chapter 13

Protective Element:


Subjects Taught:

Pharmacological Magic (Apothecary), and Incense-based Sorcery



Eye Color:


Hair Color:


Yuehua Long is a young female professor at Gaius School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She is the newest professor of the thirteen mages. Yuehua grew up as the youngest daughter in a family of leading dragon-controlling martial artists. Consequently she is very good at martial arts, particularly a spear, due to her years of early training with her older brothers. She specializes in Pharmacological Magic and has a crush on an undiscolosed professor. She appears to be friends with Professor Elgref Seamary.


Yuehua's cat-like eyes in volume 3.

Yuehua appears to be about as tall as Professor Milieu, but it's a little hard to tell, as she's only appeared in about seven pages in the manga so far. She has rather cat-like shaped eyes which are the color of alexandrite gems - a pink-purple-teal color. Her hair is black and is often styled so that half of her hair is down, while the rest is kept up in two rounder buns and one longer bun. She also has short, straight bangs that stop right above her eyes and two longer sections of hair, one on each side of her face, that hang down over her chest. Clothing wise, she has been shown wearing ornate asian-style robes - most likely Chinese, as she typically calls Rollo "Laoshi" which is Chinese for "teacher". She often hides her hands in her long, wide sleeves. As for accessories, she only has a charm hanging over her forehead.